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Energy storage technology is a key supporting pillar for the energy revolution and achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality. The development of energy storage technology is an important means to promote the integration and consumption of clean energy such as wind and solar energy, which account for a large proportion of total renewable energy. It is also essential to develop the energy storage technology to improve the independent controllability of key equipment and systems, so as to realize energy security and energy structure transformation of our country.

With the goal of sustainable development, our research group is engaged in innovative research in fields of energy materials and energy chemistry, especially involving lithium metal anodes, lithium–sulfur batteries, and electrocatalysis. The specific research work includes:

(1) Lithium metal batteries and energy chemistry: Lithium bond chemistry, ion–solvent complex model, and chemistry about lithium metal anodes and electrolytes.

(2) Lithium metal anodes: High safety, high-energy density, and long-cycling composite lithium metal anodes and solid-state batteries.

(3) Lithum–sulfur batteries: Long-cycling, low-cost, and high-energy-density lithium–sulfur batteries.

(4) Energy and electrocatalysis: Zinc–air batteries, oxygen reduction and oxidation catalyst, three-phase electrocatalysis.

(5) Machine-learning assisted functional material design


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