Material Chemical Engineering (80340452)
This course aims to provide the principles and research methods for materials chemical engineering. It will covers the following three parts: 1) The structure and functional of functional materials interested by chemical engineers, 2) The basic research method for materials processing, 3) the typical process for advanced materials synthesis and their scale up. New insights on the fundamental understanding of chemical engineering, and cutting edge information among physics, chemistry, materials, energy, chemical engineering, nanotechnology will be provided.

Contemporary Chemical Engineering: meeting global challenges (00340172)
Climate change, Energy, Water, Global health, Food, agriculture & nutrition are key global challenges of tomorrow. This course provides a home for seminal and insightful discussion and showcases how fundamental studies and applied development in chemical engineering and its sub-disciplines may help in finding potential solutions to the global challenges.

Nano energy (00340153)
This course is not only the core course of culture, but also a challenging course. Energy is the resource from which heat, light and power can be obtained. The new process of physical, chemical and energy conversion on the nanoscale will bring more convenient life to human beings. In the course of nano energy, we will design challenging and prospective nano energy topics in the field of nano energy. Research on the frontier scientific “problems” in the field of nano energy, including personal topic selection, grouping, literature research, planning, experimental exploration, results induction and analysis, discussion and summary, research results publication, course defense and other links.

Energy materials (00340163)
This course is a challenging one. In the field of energy materials, we plan to design challenging and forward-looking energy materials projects by adopting the teaching mode of “problem-solving” and relying on the experimental research platform of reaction engineering in the Department of chemical engineering. We encourage students to set up key scientific / engineering problems in the field of energy materials, and preliminarily understand and feel the research methods of energy materials, so as to be able to base on energy materials International frontier, into the international frontier of energy materials.